New Members

There are three levels of membership to EXYSTENCE – associate and full personal memberships and institutional membership.

Associate membership

To maintain a link with the network, you should register on this web site by:

  1. Clicking on ‘New User’ on the side bar
  2. Enter a username, password and your email address.
  3. Activate you account by following the link received in your EXYSTENCE email (or by manually entering your activation code)
  4. Log in by entering your user name and password at the top of the page.
  5. Enter your real name on the personal information page and any other additional information.
  6. Save the changes at the bottom at the page.
  7. You are now a registered user and can sign in at any time to visit the site.

In addition, you may apply to become a member of the Network.

Full membership

Individuals having an interest in the activities of the Network are encouraged to join as full members. Participation in any specific activity such as Thematic Institutes, Topical workshops, Business activities, and the development of a ‘Road map’ of future research directions will either be by invitation or by application in response to calls for participation.

Potential applicants for membership should bear in mind that:

  • a proven track record of excellence in research and/or an interest in the application of complexity principles to practice, and
  • a proven interest in Complexity Science

are necessary to qualify.

To apply for membership please register on this site as an associate member and then complete the full member application form available here that requests brief details about your interests and experience.

Institutional Membership

The Network also has Institutional members (academic or industrial partners). Only institutional members can enter into a contract with the Commission. The person indicated as the reference person of the institution (it could be yourself or another person) could be selected to the Science Board and the Institution will be eligible for being a site of EXYSTENCE activities (like workshops, seminars, etc).

If your Institution is interest in joining the network, please submit an application. The application will depend on the evaluation of the Network Steering Committee. In case of positive recommendation of the Steering Committee, the reference person will receive a Membership Agreement that has to be signed by the legal representative of the Institution and returned to the ISI Foundation.

Please complete the institution application form available here