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The Exystence Network is managed by the Coordinator, Mario Rasetti, and a Steering Committee (members listed below). It is advised by a Science Board.

The Network’s activity is divided into six work packages, each led by a member of the Steering Committee.

The workpackages are:

Links with business, industry, government
Workpackage leader: Eve Mitleton-Kelly <>

Complexity Thematic Institutes
Workpackage leader: Gérard Weisbuch <>

Complexity Topical Workshops
Workpackage leader: Frank Schweitzer <>

Electronic Information Infrastructure and Information Exchange
Workpackage leader: Nigel Gilbert <>

Workpackage leader: John Casti <>

Project Management
Workpackage leader: Mario Rasetti <>

Steering committee member: Erik Aurell <>

Please email the appropriate Work Package leader with comments about the activities of the Network.

This web site is maintained by Alan Roach <> to whom comments and queries about the operation of the site should be sent.