EXYSTENCE Poster released

We have produced an A2 poster advertising EXYSTENCE and our activities which will be distributed around events and organisations. The poster can be viewed at: Front Back Please contact a.roach@soc.surrey.ac.uk if you require any copies.

Exystence Thematic Institute – Call for participants – Lyon 2003 – “Discrete and Computational Aspects of Complex Systems”

This is a call for participents for the second EXYSTENCE thematic institute, which will focus on "Discrete and Computational Aspects of Complex Systems". Location: Complex System Institute, Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France. Dates: June 15 - July 4, 2003 The purpose of EXYSTENCE, the European Complex Systems Network of Excellence, is to develop collaboration among European research scientists interested in Complex Systems from fundam...

Call for Workshop Proposals continues

The Network of Excellence (NoE) "Complex Systems" (EXYSTENCE) aims to develop collaboration among European research scientists and those in business and industry interested in Complex Systems from fundamental concepts to applications. The activities of the Network also include 9-12 TOPICAL WORKSHOPS during the years of 2002-2004. These workshops should cover transdisciplinary aspects of Complex Systems, in order to develop commonality of concepts and methods applicable to different fields. Topi...

Thematic Institute “Networks and Risks” called off and rescheduled

The deadline for the Thematic Institute "Networks and Risks" passed the 28th of March. According to the rules set by the Network of Excellence on Complex Systems (www.complexityscience.org) Thematic Institutes should host 15-25 participants at any given time and participants should stay for an average period of three weeks. By looking at the applications and invitations, we have realized that we are not able to fulfill these requirements at this time. During the last two months we also noticed t...

Exystence Thematic Institute – Algorithms and challenges in hard combinatorial problems – Trieste 1/7 – 31/7 and Turin 1/10 – 30/10

This EXYSTENCE Thematic Institute will focus on statistical inference, combinatorial optimization and optimization under uncertainly, inference networks, message-passing algorithms and their generalization and applications (including coding theory, bio-informatics and scheduling). Locations: ICTP, Trieste July 1-31,2003 ISI Foundation, Turin October 1-30,2003   The purpose of EXYSTENCE, the European Complex Systems Network of Excellence, is to develop collaboration among Euro...

Exystence Topical Workshop – Analysing CAS in demography, economics and environment – Vienna *NEW DATES* 4/12/03 – 7/12/03

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists developing and applying Agent-Based Models (ABM) in demography, economics and environmental studies to discuss common features in their modeling framework and potential applications across disciplines. The discussion is based on the following cross-cutting problem areas, combining bottom-up and top-down approaches: Ø Tackle the micro-macro problem in ABM by modelling the self-organized transition from individual action to collective i...

Exystence Topical Workshop – Machine Consciousness: Complexity Aspects – 29 Sept to 1st October ’03, ISI, Torino.

The Workshop will concentrate on issues that are of direct relevance to IST/FET in the sense that the central question all speakers will be asked to address is 'what consciousness might add to the powers of computational and robotic machines and how future technologies will benefit from what is discovered?’ Societal issues and questions regarding any novel ethical problems will be addressed. It is no longer controversial to believe that ‘becoming conscious’ is a phenomenon that emerges from t...

EXYSTENCE Launch Meeting Presentations Slides

The EXYSTENCE launch meeting was successfully held at ISI, Torino from the 12th to the 13th of November 2002. The meeting included a wide variety of Complexity related presentations and discussions on the future of complexity. Click 'readmore' for a list of the slides and summary documents on the working group's discussions. These are the slides which we have so far - more will be added when we receive them.   Presentations Surname Intial Title Powerpoint Pdf Addition...