The Network will sponsor Thematic Institutes, Thematic Workshops, and seminars with Business and Government. The Network’s activity is divided into six work packages, each led by a member of the Exystence Steering Committee. Please follow the links for further details of each workpackage.

Complexity Thematic Institutes
Workpackage leader: Gérard Weisbuch

Complexity Topical Workshops
Workpackage leader: Frank Schweitzer

Links with business, industry, government
Workpackage leader: Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Electronic Information Infrastructure and Information Exchange
Workpackage leader: Nigel Gilbert
Website administration : Alan Roach

Focus document and Roadmap
Workpackage leader: John Casti
(Focus committee)

Project Management
Workpackage leader: Mario Rasetti

Links with business, industry, government. The purpose of the work package is to bring complex systems expertise to the world of business and policy making. Dissemination will be promoted by focussed “tutorials” and seminars (about three per year), user groups and focussed symposia (about four per year), and by collaboration with the other publishing and dissemination activities of Exystence, to which all businesses will be strongly encouraged to participate. The exchange is expected to be two directional, the scientists will learn about concrete business and government challenges while decision makers will grasp and learn to adopt the basic methods of complexity. During the symposia, time will be devoted to case studies presented by business, industry and government. Back

Electronic Information Infrastructure and Information Exchange. As much of Exystences functions as possible will be achieved through distribution, exchange and presentation of information electronically. The objectives are:

  • Enhance the communications between members of the network;
  • provide a mechanism of information to members;
  • provide information about members and their expertise to non-members (eg potential users of the Networks expertise);
  • provide a facility to archive any knowledge generated outside the network, for members and for others.

This involves developing the Exystence website and producing an electronic newsletter. Back

Focus document and Roadmap Over its lifetime Exystence will produce and maintain a “Complexity Focus Document”, primarily to serve in planning for the future. The document will contain an introduction to the science of complex systems, a summary of current complexity research activity and a discussion of the ways forward. The latter section will identify key objectives, milestones and challenges for the future across the spectrum of activates concerned with complexity, from open fundamental problems through to societal and technological goals. These documents can be found here.

This workpackage will be assisted by the Focus Committee.