This Section is: Complexity Focus.

Following are the articles published under this section. · Focus Committee for Focus Document (WP5) (175 Reads) · Introduction to Complex Systems by John L Casti (603 Reads) · Scale Free Networks: Structure, Dynamics and Search by Bernardo A. Huberman of HP Laboratories (153 Reads) · Mapping Complexity: A bibliometric Analysis by Johanna Bergmann and John Casti (156 Reads) · Towards a Roadmap of Complexity Research Using a Bibliometric Visualisation Tool by J. Be...

New EXYSTENCE Focus Document papers: Social Simulation/ Epistemology of Modelling.

‘Agent Based Social Simulation: Dealing with Complexity’ by Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey. This paper looks at how the complexity approach is being applied to the study of social systems and discusses how the tools of complexity are being used to explore them. It considers the advantages of a simulation methodology to the social researcher, the appropriateness of viewing society as a complex system, the problems of using traditional data in simulations and the main steps in developing a m...

Call for Papers – JASSS — “Reputation in Agent Societies”

Call for Papers - Special Section of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation on “Reputation in Agent Societies” Selected (post)proceedings of the RAS 2004 workshop will be published in a special section of JASSS ( There is also the opportunity for additional contributions, which must be related to the topic of the workshop (see the original Call for Papers copied below, or ). Papers that respond to t...

Centro Monte Verità Ascona

Several experts on urban problems’ modelling gathered at Centro Monte Verità Ascona, Switzerland to attended to the workshop, as listed on the website*. The conference benefiteed from an interdisciplinary approach, with its light and shade, on the research field and the main disciplines involved were: quantitative geography, information science, physics and mathematics.

“Complexity in Business”

This seminar was held as part of EXYSTENCE's "Complexity in Business" series of seminars and was successfully held in Helsinki, Finland. The seminar covered the topic "Complexity Research Meets Futures Studies" and a range of interesting presentations were given, the slides for which are now available here, from the LSE website.

About Us

The Complex Systems Network of Excellence, "Exystence", is funded by the European Commission to develop collaboration among European researchers interested in Complex Systems, from fundamental concepts to applications, and involving academia, business and industry.

EXYSTENCE Complexity in Business Seminar, 12 November 2004, Finland

COMPLEXITY RESEARCH MEETS FUTURE STUDIES Time: Fri 12 Nov 2004, 9 am to 6 om Get-together on 11 Nov 2004 at 7 pm Venue: The House of Sciences, Addr: Kirkkokatu 6, 00121 Helsinki Contact: Auli Keskinen, tel: +358 50 5027 050 Keynote speakers: Professor Markku Wilenius Director of Finland Futures Research Centre Member of Club of Rome Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, LSE Other speakers will be announced later.